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About Us

We’re here to change how women experience the postpartum period by providing personalized care and support for prenatal women and postpartum mamas…because caring for yourself is just as important as caring for your baby.

Our Journey to Mommyato

In 2016, an element of Mommyato was developed and launched as a virtual breastfeeding assistant known as Check With Ellie. Ellie was created in response to the lack of access to immediate and credible breastfeeding information. Through the following four years, we spoke with new postpartum moms and realized the dearth of information that focuses on the mom, extended far beyond breastfeeding. As a result, Mommyato was born as THE digital postpartum companion to prepare, guide, and support new moms through their fourth trimester.

Mommyato has one mission:

To support and empower new and expectant moms with their transition to motherhood by enhancing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

What Sets Us Apart

Mom-centric Support

Our approach is to focus on mom holistically during the pre- and post-natal experience. Mom is at the center of all we do.

Judgment-free Zone

Mom is always safe and always heard at Mommyato. Advice is front-and-center but, at the same time, so are friendly voices and diverse perspectives.

Clarity That Empowers

Sometimes trying to make sense of the information out there can feel like mission impossible. We break it all down so it's clear, understandable and actionable.

Trust & Credibility

Our experts have vetted and curated information and guidance specific to your needs so you can live your best mom life.

Immediate Access

New moms need access to immediate and credible information so they can feel in control and in-the-know. We are her always-on, always-accessible virtual assistant.

Friendly Objectivity

We approach your pregnancy and fourth trimester with a friendly but always science-based point of view. Think of us like your best mom friend—who happens to be an OB.
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